Biggest little update for iOS

There is a new update that is shipping for all iOS users today. While the version number, 3.0.1, would indicate a minor update, there is a lot packed into it. Most of which is under the hood.

When we updated our security a few months back, we introduced a bug for some users that are using a password on the home screen. You login is saved in the Apple keychain for security, but our app wasn’t allowed to access to it from the background if you had a password set. This would result in the login credential or token error that a lot of you were seeing.

This security error has been resolved and now our app can safely access the keychain from the background during your geofence udpates. We also cleaned up the network calls to make them a little more efficient during the geofence updates.

This update fixes a couple issues we were having and makes our geofence feature even more stable and secure. It is by far our most popular feature and we want to make sure it stays that way. Thanks to everyone that emailed us and let us know about the problem. And an even bigger thank you to the few that helped us test the fix and put up with all of the build fixes.

** Note – If you were experiencing this issue, you will need to log out from settings after the update. This is the only way to update your login information in the keychain. After you log back in, you will need to turn on any geofences you may have had, the will not automatically turn on after a logout. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Win a Kindle Fire with our Retweet/Like/Follow Contest

To help spread the word about our amazing new 3.0 release of Simple In/Out, we’re launching a contest to win a new Kindle Fire!  From now until the end of May, if you RT and follow us on Twitter, Like and Share us on Facebook or +1 and Share us on Google+, you’ll be entered to win the drawing.  Winners will receive their name in lights on our blog and a brand new Kindle Fire shipped right to your doorstep.  How sweet is that?

Here are the rules:

  • You can enter 3 times (once on Twitter, Facebook and Google+)
  • All Twitter entries must retweet and follow us
  • All Facebook entries must both Like and Share the contest link on our Facebook page
  • All Google+ entries must both +1 and Share the contest link
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on May 31st

Thanks for following us and helping to get the word out.  Good luck!

Simple In/Out 3.0 Released

Simple In/Out just celebrated its first birthday. Thanks to all of our users around the globe. You’ve made us smile and work harder to create great products.

How do we celebrate our first year? With a new release of course. We are proud to announce Simple In/Out 3.0, available today on the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, the Chrome Web Store, and our website,

With Simple In/Out 3.0, we’ve added one of the biggest feature requests we’ve ever received: Groups. With Groups, companies can divide their users into departments, teams, etc to make the user list more manageable. This functionality runs deep within Simple In/Out, touching most of the features of the app. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Applies to User Lists on the web and devices
  • Applies to Reports on the web
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop web administration
  • Administrate Groups from your device

To see this in action, check out our video announcing the 3.0 release.

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iOS Update 2.3.1 now available

Our latest update to Simple In/Out is available from the Apple App Store today. As one of our previous posts had mentioned, the big change is dropping support for all iOS 4.x devices. We feel the number of people impacted should be very minimal. This was necessary to make way for future updates. For more information, you can read our post on sunsetting iOS 4.

We also included some changes to our geofencing feature. We have been working very hard on it to make it even better.

We have also been working very hard on some great new features that we hope to have ready to roll out very soon. So please keep your eye open on this blog or follow us on twitter for updates.

Simple In/Out Outage

Unfortunately, we seem to be experiencing on and off connectivity issues.  Our host is struggling with maintaining an uplink.  Hopefully their issue will be resolved shortly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunsetting iOS 4.x

The time has come to to put iOS 4 out to pasture. We recently shipped an update to the Apple App Store that will remove support for all iOS 4 devices. If you are currently using a device that does not support iOS 5, you will still be able to use your current update, but your device will not be eligible for future updates. We have a lot of new features in store for our users, and the only way to make sure we deliver an exceptional product is to cut ties with the older operating system. In reality, this means we are cutting ties with the iPhone 3G (released July 2008) and some older generation iPod Touches. This reflects only a very small percentage of our existing users, so it was decided to drop support for iOS 4.

If you haven’t updated your app in a while, now would be a good time. Our latest build in the App Store still supports 4.x devices. Knowing what we know about our future updates, if you have a device eligible for iOS 5, we strongly encourage you to upgrade. You can visit the Apple website for a list of all the great new features in iOS 5.

We are looking forward to a lot of great new features for Simple In/Out, and this is the first step in that process. If you are put out by this upgrade, we are sincerely sorry, but the time has come to move upward and onward. Make sure to follow this blog or our twitter account for updates. We promise you won’t have to wait long.

Simple In/Out: Now with More GeoFences

Tonight we made a small change that some of our larger users will like.  We’ve upped the number of GeoFences you can have in Simple In/Out from 26 to 52.  That’s 2x, or 100% more GeoFencing goodness!

While you should never have that many fences in the ON position (phones will hate you, or just ignore you entirely), some larger organizations have lots of sites and 26 wasn’t cutting it.

As always, feel free to hit us up with any questions or comments.  Also, we have some big news brewing for our next big update.  Stay tuned.

We Want to Respond to Your Emails

Over the past couple of weeks, our newly moved email server has created a whole host of goofy DNS issues.  While we think we’ve finally laid this to rest, we can’t be certain that we’ve received all the email that’s been sent in our direction lately.

We pride ourselves in answering every email.  Every email.  Period.

Our customers are very important.  So, if you’ve sent us an email over the last couple of weeks and haven’t gotten a response, please try again.  We’ll happily read it and respond. Also, you could hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, where we’ll respond just as soon as we see it.