New 3.2 Update for iOS Users

We are happy to announce a big update for our iOS users today. Version 3.2 is now available and we have some great new features included with this update.

  • Geofence Notifications – Now you can enable a notification when you trip a geofence. The notifications are optional for users that want that extra level of feedback from the geofences.
  • Sound Effects – We haven’t bombarded the app with a ton of annoying sound effects, but we did add a few audio cues on errors and status updates to let you know when things are working right. These can also be turned off if you really want to. And as always, we respect the mute switch, so mute means we will keep quiet.
  • Voice Over Support – We have added some much needed support for Voice Over. This will help our visually impaired users get the most out of Simple In/Out.
  • Custom URL Handling – We will have a separate blog post on using this new feature. The long and the short of it is we now support custom URL’s to create shortcuts in the app. Specificially, update status, enable/disable geofences, enable/disable notifications, and enable/disable sound effects. We will consider adding more as the need arises.
  • Custom Character Support – This one probably falls under bug fixes, but it is worth mentioning that we now support all special characters in status updates. Before we only supported specific punctuation, but as our overseas users have pointed out, one size doesn’t always fit all. So we are happy to fix this oversight and enable all special characters in the status update messages.
  • Bug fixes – This is probably the most bug free version of Simple In/Out we have ever shipped. It is next to impossible to test for every device on every software version, but we feel we have gotten all of bugs that have been reported as well as a bunch we found (hopefully before anyone else noticed them).

We really want to thank all of our beta testers as well as our existing users that have reported issues and sent in suggestions. Almost everything in this build is based off of user requests or bug reporting. We love hearing from each and every one of you. Not only do we enjoy hearing how Simple In/Out has helped out, it helps make it a better product for everyone. So keep those suggestions coming.

We will have another blog post dedicated entirely to setting up the custom URL handling feature. Once it is done, we will link back to it here.