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Simple In/Out

Our flagship product is the best digital in/out board in the world.


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Our Story

We're Simply Made Apps, founded by guys who spent our free time drinking beer, playing golf, and coding projects. We believe in making software that is drop-dead easy to use. Simple is in our DNA.

Our startup story is a classic example of American endeavor. One of us personally had a problem with the in/out software we used at our day job and joked that "we could write a better app in a weekend". After chewing on this boast for a while, it dawned on us that today's phones could solve this problem in ways that would change the status quo forever. The idea was pitched over beers one night and Simply Made Apps was born.

We locked ourselves away for an entire 48 hour weekend, drank more coffee than we care to remember, watched the entire series of Futurama, and built the prototype for what would become Simple In/Out. We weren't nearly done, but it was clear that we were on to something big.

We now have a successful suite of apps used by thousands of organizations around the globe, a growing team of like-minded individuals that like to solve problems every day, and a tremendous amount of pride in our rock-solid customer service. Our business together is where our passion for making elegant products gets to shine. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

We are a 100% bootstrapped company, started with each founder tossing in a $100 bill. This allows us to control our own destiny. We listen to our customers first and foremost, they are almost always right. The rest is based on our gut instinct, which hasn't failed us yet.

Our offices are located in the heart of downtown Fargo, North Dakota, in the revitalized Renaissance Zone. It's cold here, you know, a lot. But, we wouldn't have it any other way.


Simple In/Out and Simply Made Apps are born. Excitement ensues.


Simple In/Out starts making more than just beer money. Brandon start dreaming of a world without a day job.

2013 - 2014

Officially quit our day jobs and hired our first employee. We also begin contracting work with the help of great clients. Simple In/Out adds many new customers and features.


Simple In/Out grows large enough to allow Simply Made Apps to officially wind down all contracting work.


A record year for Simple In/Out, allowing us to move into a stunning new office in a historic former Ford automobile plant in the heart of downtown Fargo.

2017 - 2023

Simple In/Out hits milestone after milestone as we ship features while making our company the envy of programmers everywhere. Our team continues to expand while we set our sights on amazing new product features and refining the core features that put Simple In/Out on the map.


We can't wait to show you what we're working on next.

Meet the Team

Brandon Medenwald

Founder, Web Developer

Stephen Ruda

Android Developer

Josh Glover

iOS Developer

Steve Gibbs

Web Developer


Marketing Intern

We're Hiring

We're always on the lookout for rockstars who want to solve problems and have fun doing it. If that's you, let us know.

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