iOS Update 4.1 Released (now with In-App Purchases)

We are very happy to announce a brand new update for our iOS users today. With this update, users can now upgrade their subscription plan directly from the app. This should be a great new way for users to try out our service with more users. We put a lot of time and energy (and loads of testing) into this build to make sure that this new feature not only works great for new users, but also doesn’t interfere with existing users that may have subscribed from our website.

If you have already subscribed via the website, nothing has changed for you. Since we can’t update the website subscriptions from the app, you will be directed back to the website to make any changes to your account. New users may decide whether to upgrade from the website or via Apple In-App Purchase. There are benefits to both. We have itemized receipts online and the ability to see your billing history going back as long as you are a customer. Purchasing In-App is very quick and easy and doesn’t require you to enter a payment method.

Hopefully having multiple options of payment will benefit our users and give new users a way to try out our larger plans without having to visit the website and mess with credit cards and entry forms.

This update also has some new bug fixes that started to pile up behind this large release. We absolutely love working on Simple In/Out and hope this update is just what our users were looking for.