Simple In/Out Sports a New Full Screen Mode

Last night, Simple In/Out received a big improvement to it’s Full Screen Mode.  The Full Screen Mode, available for some time already, is a great way to view just the board and avoid the logged-in user’s data.  While it was good, it’s an order of magnitude better now.

We focused on adding a few awesome new features:

  • The colors are now inverted, which looks great from a distance and saves on energy.
  • The fonts are now much bigger, and get bigger when you have more HD space to work with.
  • We optimized the layout to fit 3 users wide on the popular HD sizes, so you can fit a lot more users on the screen.

Also included in this update is the change of the “out” dot on the website to a rounded square instead of a circle.  This is a subtle change for our colorblind users, who can now more easily distinguish in from out.

To accomplish these updates, much of Simple In/Out is now Retina-screen aware, so it looks stunning on recent iPads and MacBooks.  It’s also faster, as we’ve removed a lot of redundant images.

One final bonus, the new Full Screen Mode looks wonderful on the iPad.  We’ve received requests for better support for users who wanted to place an iPad on a desk to show the board.  Now with our new Full Screen Mode, an iPad for display looks awesome (and updates automatically every 5 minutes).  Here’s a quick, albeit blurry look, from my iPad last night.