Introducing the Daily Timeline Report

After a long period of starting and stopping, I’m pleased to be able to introduce the Daily Timeline report for Simple In/Out.  This feature has been in the back of our minds for over a year now, but just today we’ve finally released this to the public.  

The Daily Timeline answers a frequent request we’ve received, which was to see a more granular view of your users’ in/out activity.  Our other report (which we’ve now renamed as Time Card) offers an easy way to see how many hours a user was IN.  Many of our users wanted to know more.  When were their users coming to the office?  When was their lunch break?  When did they knock off for the day?  The Daily Timeline is our first attempt to help answer those questions.

Under the same Reports link as our other report, the Daily Timeline features a similar interface.  Simply pick a date to run, a group (if you have groups) and click Run Report.  You’ll be presented with a line chart for every user that shows their in/out status changes.  Here’s a taste:

When the line is up and blue is shown, the user is IN.  When the line is low, the user is OUT.  We also placed little dots signifying every status update.  Those dots can be hovered over to see the exact time and message the user left when changing statuses.

Like our other report, the Daily Timeline has an export to CSV option that will print out all the users’ raw in/out data for the given date.  This has also been a big feature request from users who would love to parse the data themselves.  

If that isn’t enough, there is one more thing.  Starting today, all users now have access to reports for the first time.  Previously, non-admin users could never see the reports.  Starting today, non-admins can see reports but only for themselves.  This answers another big feature request, which was allowing users to monitor their own in/out history easier than the 7 day history that we already offer.

I hope everyone feels the Daily Timeline was worth the wait.  I’m personally excited to have this one out the door and can’t wait to dig into the next new feature.  As always, please email us your feedback by using contact [at] simpleinout [dot] com.