Simple In/Out Geofencing Public Beta for iPhone and Android

This Winter, we announced our Simple In/Out Public Beta program. Public Betas allow our customers to try new features and provide feedback before the general public. Users are able to guide the direction of our most popular features. We benefit from real-world usage of new features before they make their way to everyone. It’s win-win.

Our first public betas focused on our new Beacon and Network automatic update system, rebuilt from the ground up, to provide more features and stability. After we shipped, we went right to work implementing these improvements for Geofences. After months of private testing, we’re ready to expand the club to our public beta testers.

The new Geofencing system offers the same benefits as Beacons and Networks: more intelligence, more reliability, and more control for administrative-level users.

If you’re a Simple In/Out user using Geofences to automatically update your status, and you’d like to use our new system a few weeks before the general public, head over to our Public Beta page and click the link to sign up.