Simple In/Out Public Beta Program

It’s 2019 and boy are we excited! A year-end summary of 2018 will be coming shortly, but we’ve been working hard on some significant changes to some of our most prominent features in Simple In/Out.

One of the most widely used features within Simple In/Out is automatic updates from your phone. The power of having your phone keep the board up-to-date for you is both helpful and a real time-saver. In fact, it’s what put Simple In/Out on the map back in 2011.

While automatic updates are in use by a lot of customers right now, we feel we can do better. Last Summer, we sat down and discussed how we could make automatic updates both more accessible and more reliable while simultaneously keeping our long-standing commitment to user privacy. This past Fall, we began work on rewriting the core functionality from the ground-up to accomplish this goal. The result, while not ready to be unveiled today, is shaping up to meet our goals nicely.

That brings us to today and the announcement of our new Public Beta program. This will allow users that are adventurous to install and try cutting-edge new features before the general public. Beta users will help guide many new features and make their voices heard. We also benefit by seeing our new code work in the wild before we ship. Software that is more feature rich and stable will be the ultimate result.

We’re starting today with a beta of the new automatic updating features for both Beacons and Networks with our Android phone app. In the future, we’ll add iOS Beacons as well. If you’re using our Beacons or Networks now and are interested in seeing the new changes we have in store, head over to the Public Beta page to contact us.

This is just the beginning of projects that will see a beta release before an official launch. Just last week, we broke ground on a brand new project that we hope to have in beta before the golf season is upon us.

Here’s to a great 2019!