New Reports for Simple In/Out

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s announcement that Simple In/Out TV has arrived for Amazon Fire TV (and Fire TV Stick), today I’d like to talk about some of the great changes we’ve been making to reports within Simple In/Out.  For many of our customers, reports are the life blood of their in/out board.  Customers use them for payroll, to find discrepancies, and to simply see what happened in the past.

Today, we’ve launched a new report within Simple In/Out that has been a big request among our current users.  We’re calling it the Weekly Activity report.  This report allows you to see every status update for a particular user across a week or two.  This is helpful for those that wish to have a printed report they can take with them.  It’s like the Weekly Timeline, but instead of charts (which don’t print with the same detail), you can get daily breakdowns of all the activity for a user over the week.  We think our admin users are going to love this new report.

With the Weekly Activity report, you can see a couple of new features we’ve implemented everywhere.  You can run the Weekly Activity report for 7 or 14 days.  We’ve expanded our other weekly report, the Weekly Timeline, to also allow for 14 days of data.  This is super-helpful if you’re running these reports for payroll, as many times payroll is a 2 week issue.

Finally, we’ve added another advanced feature for a bigger customers that exist across multiple time zones.  Under the Advanced link within all our reports is now a drop down for Time Zone.  It will always select the time zone you’re in by default, but if you wish to run your reports in a different time zone (say you’re traveling), you can now do that via this option.

We hope these report additions make it easier than ever to see your data with Simple In/Out!