Single Sign On with Simple In/Out and Microsoft Entra

Today is a day we have been working towards for over two years. We’re beyond excited to announce the release of Single Sign On through Microsoft Entra (formerly known as Azure ActiveDirectory).

For the uninitiated, Single Sign On (SSO) is a feature that allows your users to sign into their Simple In/Out accounts using the same credentials they use on our Microsoft systems like Outlook and Teams. Your users benefit by having one less username/password to remember. Administrators benefit by having total control over their user data and password policies (complexity, rotation, and multi-factor authentication).

We’ve extended our SSO support further by adopting user and group provisioning from Microsoft. Once configured, Simple In/Out will add users and groups directly from your Microsoft systems, eliminating the need to manage users or groups within Simple In/Out. When you use Microsoft Entra to add, deactivate, or delete a user, Simple In/Out will follow suit automatically. Simple In/Out is one less system you’ll worry about when managing your users.

Why was the SSO development cycle so long? After all, the benefits are tremendous. Simple In/Out boosts apps for phones, tablets, computers, and televisions. We also offer integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Every authentication system needed a rewrite to support SSO. Simple In/Out TV was challenging as televisions do not have modern web browsers. Our SSO integration also supports photos because the Simple In/Out board looks much better with great images. Photos required an entire engine outside of SSO due to poor standards/vendor support across the industry.

Today, Simple In/Out supports Single Sign On via Microsoft Entra. We build our SSO support on mostly industry standards. Adding support for other vendors will be possible based on demand. Let us know if you have a different identity provider you’d like to use with Simple In/Out.

We’re also announcing new plans to accommodate this advanced feature and the ongoing support/maintenance required. Utilizing SSO requires a new Enterprise-tier plan. We’ve launched our new pricing page to display this information and break down the benefits of our plans. We’ve also moved our Calendar integration into our Pro-tier plans due to the demands on our systems to sync large calendars hourly.

Single Sign On support was the most popular feature request in Simple In/Out history. We know this feature will unlock workflows for our current and future customers around the globe.