Simple In/Out Desktop Gains User Management, Apple Silicon Support

Yesterday we released Simple In/Out Desktop 1.4. With this release, we’re bringing two new features to our desktop application: user management and Apple Silicon support.

User management exists in almost all of our apps (the exception being Simple In/Out TV). Now Simple In/Out administrators can add, update, archive, and delete users entirely from Simple In/Out Desktop. With these new features, we celebrate the addition of the last actions you could perform in our earlier desktop apps.

For Mac users, Simple In/Out Desktop 1.4 supports Apple Silicon. If you own an M1 or M2 processor, Simple In/Out Desktop will feel noticeably faster. As an Apple Silicon customer, I enjoy launching Simple In/Out Desktop to admire the limited number of bounces in the dock. The difference is dramatic.

We know all users will enjoy these new features and improvements.