Microsoft Connectors Restored in Simple In/Out

The Microsoft Teams Connector for Simple In/Out has now been restored. It was missing for the past month and a half. For a debrief on what happened, read on.

At the turn of the year, Microsoft deleted a bunch of Connectors that they claimed had “low traffic”. Among those deleted were connectors owned by a lot of big companies on the internet such as Bitbucket, Google, Mailchimp, Trello, and Zendesk. At first, no one within Microsoft developer support knew what happened. After weeks investigating they discovered their error. By then, they couldn’t get anyone else at Microsoft interested in undoing the damage they had done.

To fix this, we needed to rebuild our Connector from scratch, which we did. But then to pour salt in the wound, a glitch in the App Source process delayed our fix for another 9 days.

The silver lining is that the new Connector is better than ever. We built all configuration into the Connector itself now, which saves time and avoids an extra trip to to complete the process.

We appreciate everyone hanging with us as we worked through this bug.