FrontDesk and TimeClock come to Windows 11

Simple In/Out has many great ways to update statuses. For customers that require kiosks, or common-area devices for users to interact with to perform status updates, we have both FrontDesk and TimeClock. Both run on either iPads or Android tablets and handle particular use cases. FrontDesk allows users to see the board and make quick updates with just a swipe or tap. TimeClock is for more controlled environments and works by scanning barcodes that Simple In/Out provides.

The only rub has been that they run on tablets only. Tablets are inexpensive (many even retail for under $100), making them perfect for customers needing new devices. But customers already posessing a Windows computer with a larger touchscreen were out of luck.

Historically, building FrontDesk/TimeClock for these few customers has been tough to justify. Developing new versions of any apps is a resource-intensive commitment that would take our team away from other priorities.

Today, we’re announcing a way forward. With the new Windows Subsystem for Android available in Windows 11, you can now run the Android versions of FrontDesk or TimeClock on a desktop computer. Both are available today in the Amazon App Store within Windows 11. Running on Windows 11 required some tweaks on our end, but we’re happy with the additional flexability this provides our customers around the globe.

We offer instructions on how to install the Windows Subsystem for Android. If you have a large Windows 11 computer already tasked with your in/out board management, you have an exciting new in/out board option.