Send Microsoft Teams Status Updates to Simple In/Out

Simple In/Out’s integration within Microsoft Teams is a big hit. Users living in Teams appreciate having their in/out board at their fingertips all day long.

Historically, there has always been one caveat. Microsoft’s idea of status within Teams and Simple In/Out’s are very different. After all, Simple In/Out shipped nearly seven years before Microsoft Teams. We’ve allowed users to update their Simple In/Out status from within Teams, and users could update their Microsoft Teams status, but the two never spoke to each other.

Today we’re announcing a Public Beta of our integration with Microsoft 365 that will accept status updates directly from Teams. With a few clicks, status update to your Microsoft Teams status will flow into Simple In/Out. Included are status updates made within Microsoft Teams itself, status updates made automatically within Teams (presence, Outlook calendar, phone system integrations, meetings, etc), and temporary updates.

If you have Microsoft Teams open all day long, Simple In/Out will keep everyone up-to-date. Because status updates within Teams transfer to Simple In/Out, all our features are at your disposal. Send followed user notifications directly to your phone when someone updates their Teams status. Utilize Simple In/Out’s plethora of reports to bring accountability to your Teams organization. View all your users and their current Teams status on large displays via Simple In/Out TV. The sky is the limit.

Microsoft 365 status integration for Teams is available today in our Public Beta program. We hope to make this generally available soon, but for now, join our Public Beta program today for access.