Dark Mode for Simple In/Out iPhone


Dark Mode on iPhone

Since iOS 13, the iPhone started giving users the preference between light and dark modes. As an iPhone user living in dark mode, I find switching to a “light” app jarring.

While supporting dark mode has always been on our radar, we’ve had other fish to fry with our iOS app. These other projects were always our priority and never left room for this massive redo. That is, until today.

The changes go much deeper than dark mode. We’ve modernized our user interface across the entire app. No more iOS 7-ish blue title bars. We’ve embraced Apple’s esthetic with big titles, semi-transparency, and modern settings menus. Every screen in the new Simple In/Out iPhone app feels new because they were all touched in this redesign.

Take a peek at this before and after:

Before and After

And we’re not done yet. We have plans to bring our status fly-up changes (already live for our Android users) to iPhone in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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