Simple In/Out Year in Review 2021

With the changing calendar, it’s time for us to look back at 2021. We’re thrilled to welcome a new year and new possibilities to expand on the best digital in/out board. Many people around the globe are returning to work onsite, and many are embracing new ways to work. Regardless of how you operate, Simple In/Out has you covered.

Here are a few highlighted features we shipped in 2021.


New Simple In/Out Desktop

We began 2021 by allowing users to see the new Simple In/Out Desktop app for Windows/Mac. A complete rewrite/rethink, the new Simple In/Out Desktop may be the best board we’ve built to date. More features, more customizability, more power. Our new Desktop Presence feature is both more powerful and more predictable regarding automatic status updates than the previous desktop activity system.

This year, support for our old apps for Windows/Mac will end. We’ll announce the official “end of life” date in the future. Now is the time to have your team transition to the new Simple In/Out Desktop.

Schedule Simple In/Out Status Updates from Calendars

Simple In/Out calendar integration was one of the most popular feature requests we’ve had in our history. By integrating your calendar, Simple In/Out can now automatically schedule status updates based on the events of your day.

This feature joins Geofences, Beacons, Networks, and the new Desktop Presence as ways to keep your in/out board up-to-date without manual intervention. It’s yet another way Simple In/Out maintains our lead as the most accurate in/out board around.

New User Interface for Simple In/Out on Android phones

Our phone apps are beginning a transition to a new user interface. In 2021, we started this transition with our Android app. Our new Android app has clearer meaning, fewer tabs, and places the things you need closer to where you spend your time. You can read more about the changes here.

We also ushered in an upgrade to Quick Picks by introducing Favorites and Recents. Instead of combining these two concepts, the new Simple In/Out for Android separates them for more simplicity and control. All of our apps and will transition to this paradigm in the coming months.


Here are some other updates from 2021.

iOS 15 Broke Geofences and Beacons for developers everywhere

When Apple introduced iOS 15, they introduced several bugs that have broken Geofence and Beacon reliability across Apple’s entire platform. All developers, including us, have been affected. We’ve been working with Apple for months, and unfortunately, they still haven’t resolved all the issues.

With our latest release of Simple In/Out for iPhone, we’ve shipped a workaround for Apple’s bugs. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve been working through Apple’s issues.

We Hired a New iOS Team

We hired two new iOS developers in 2021. This will translate into more features and bug fixes coming to all our iOS apps in 2022.


From our team at Simply Made Apps, we wish everyone out there a happy new year. We cannot wait to show you the new features we have coming to Simple In/Out.