Update on iOS 15 Geofences/Beacons and More

A few updates from your friends at Simple In/Out.

iOS 15 Geofence/Beacon Reliability

As we’ve noted, Apple introduced a bug in iOS 15 preventing apps from always being notified about Geofence/Beacon updates. This week iOS 15.2 launched with the hopes of a fix. But to our disappointment, the bug is still present.

We’ve been working diligently for the past several months attempting everything under the sun to help Apple diagnose and fix this issue. We’ve sent them gigabytes of logs, built separate apps to demonstrate their bug, and wore out our shoes walking through Geofences.

We have a theory explaining the iOS 15’s bug, and we’ve concocted a workaround to stop Apple from launching the Simple In/Out app in a broken state. We have launched a new Public Beta to test this with our workaround and additional logging. If you’re interested in helping us diagnose Apple’s bug, head to our Public Beta page and click to join.

The Internet Security Issue, No Impact on Simple In/Out

Last week it came to light that there is a critical bug in a popular Java library that affects a lot of sites on the internet. Simple In/Out was never affected by this issue. We do not run Java for our web services.

The new Simple In/Out Desktop

A reminder that the new Simple In/Out Desktop is ready for download for Windows and Mac from our website. The older apps are considered “End of Life” and will be decommissioned in the future. We’ll announce the exact date these older apps stop working at another time.

Now is a great time to download the new Simple In/Out Desktop or prepare your team for the changes in the new desktop app.

Happy holidays from all of us at Simply Made Apps.