New Public Betas for Simple In/Out Desktop and Android

The Simple In/Out Public Beta program has just received two amazing new app updates and we want to tell you about them. We’re very excited for feedback, both good and bad, about the latest changes we have planned for Simple In/Out Desktop and Phone.

Simple In/Out Desktop

Our new desktop app for Windows and Mac has been available in public beta since January. Today, we’ve launched our “release candidate”. Barring any late bugs, this is close to the final version that we hope to put out as 1.0 in the coming weeks.

The big new feature is automatic updates based on your desktop activity. We’ve built a brand new updating system to offer more control and predictability than ever before. Previous, Windows would check users in/out too frequently. Now, we have a consistent system in place that doesn’t rely so heavily on Microsoft’s definition of activity. We also allow administrators to control the comments left behind when using automatic updates, similar to our phone apps.

We’ve also added all three of our Notifications to the Simple In/Out Desktop beta for the first time. Now users can follow users and utilize safety notifications along with reminders.

We’re close to sunsetting our existing Windows and Mac apps, so feedback now is more important than ever.

Simple In/Out Android’s new user interface

For quite a while, we’ve been dreaming of ways to make updating your status within the Simple In/Out app on your phone more intuitive. We’ve always had a Status tab that users interact with, but this led to a few confusing situations. Some new users would mistake Quick Picks with their status history. They wouldn’t realize that tapping would perform a status update. Favorite Quick Picks were also easily lost because they were combined under the “Recents” list.

After considerable thought, we think we’ve cracked it. Today, we’re inviting our Android beta testers to try a new design. If our beta users like it as much as we do, it will become the new layout for all our phone apps on Android and iOS.

The big change is the elimination of our old tabs. Gone are the Status and Settings tab, replaced by one My Account tab. This new tab houses your status history, settings, scheduled statuses, barcode (if using TimeClock), and a way to update your current status. On both this new tab and the Board tab, we make updating your status easy. It’s a big change, but one we believe will make it easier to see your current status and perform status updates from the places you spend the most time.

We’re thrilled to give you a peek at what we’ve been working on over these past few months. We invite all our customers to join our Public Beta program and try our new apps today.