Schedule Simple In/Out Status Updates from your Calendar

Today we’re launching one of the biggest feature requests in Simple In/Out history. Fresh out of our Public Beta program, we’re adding the ability to schedule status updates based on your calendar! This new automatic way to update your status joins Geofences, Beacons, Networks, and Desktop Activity as ways to always keep your board up-to-date.

With an industry-standard iCal URL from your provider (like Outlook, Google Calendar, etc), Simple In/Out can schedule status updates for you, which appear in your Scheduled Statuses for other users with permission to see. When the time comes, your current status will be updated on the in/out board.

Historically, the challenge has always been knowing which status to schedule appropriately. Simple In/Out’s calendar integration solves this by intelligently scanning the event’s summary looking for the magic words in or out. If found, the status is scheduled appropriately. If not, you choose which status is presumed when setting up your calendar.

You can see a video on the new calendar sync here.

To begin, head over to Simple In/Out’s website. If you need help finding your calendar provider’s iCal URL, we have instructions for some popular providers on our Help Center.

We’re excited to release this new feature for our Simple In/Out customers worldwide. We’re also excited for the other new developments we have in store this Summer.