Simple In/Out Year in Review 2020

2020 was quite the year and we here at Simply Made Apps are looking forward to a new year. People around the globe changed the way they worked because of the pandemic. It’s never been more important to understand the status of your people. It’s never been a more important time to use Simple In/Out.

We’re proud to deliver a product that has helped so many around the world. The stories we’ve heard this year from our customers are inspiring. We’re energized and look forward to the new year and new ways to put Simple In/Out to work.

Here are just a few of the big things we delivered in 2020.


Web Hook Improvements

We started 2020 by shipping big improvements to our Web Hooks. We didn’t realize at the time how many of our customers would discover and put Web Hooks to use in the new year. You can now choose which events to send to your Web Hook destinations and Web Hooks can now be deactivated without deleting. We also overhauled the user interface to make things easier to manage.

French Localization

Being located only a few hours from Canada, we were always aware of the requests for French language support from our neighbors to the north. We delivered in 2020, and French joined both English and Spanish for language options within Simple In/Out’s website and apps.

New Desktop Apps for Windows and Mac

We pulled back the curtain on our plans for new Desktop apps for Windows and Mac, rewritten from scratch. In fact, we’ll be formally announcing the Public Beta any day now, and will continue towards completion in the new year. We’re excited to show everyone what we’ve been hard at work on this past year.

Microsoft Teams Integration Upgrade

Given remote workers are oftentimes using Microsoft Teams, we upgraded our integration. We’ve long allowed our customers to send Simple In/Out notifications to a Teams channel of choice, but now we’ve created a Simple In/Out tab inside Teams itself. The Simple In/Out tab is complete with your board and a place to update your Simple In/Out status without ever leaving Teams.

Slack Integration Upgrade

We upgraded our Slack integration as well. For many years, customers could send Simple In/Out notifications to a Slack channel of choice. Now, we support Slash Commands. Users can type “/inout out to lunch” and update their Simple In/Out status without ever leaving Slack.


It is also worth noting a few non-feature things that happened in 2020.

Server Performance Improvements

Behind the scenes, we made many substantial upgrades to our server infrastructure. The fact that you may not have noticed is a good thing, and we have added lots of resources to handle our growth.

Privacy Shield Was Struck Down

This past Summer, a European court struck down the Privacy Shield framework that we remain a part of to this day. Our commitments towards privacy remain as strong as ever, as we switched our legal agreements over to Standard Contractual Clauses for our international customers.

We Hired Another iOS Developer

We again this year expanded our team with a new iOS developer. We wish to remain a small company, but these added developer resources go right to our product and our customers’ happiness.


From everyone at Simply Made Apps, we wish you all a safe and prosperous year to come.