Simple In/Out Status Updates from Slack

Slash Command Inside Slack

We’ve made a lot of updates recently to our integration between Simple In/Out and Microsoft Teams. All the while, we haven’t forgotten about our other favorite messaging and group chat app Slack. We’ve had our Slack app available for years that allows customers to designate a Slack channel. Inside that channel, we’ll send Simple In/Out status updates to keep everyone up to date.

Today, we’re announcing the next version of our Slack app with support for our new Slash Command. Using our Slash Command, you can update your Simple In/Out status right from inside Slack, without ever needing to reach for a Simple In/Out app or website.

Here’s how it works. In Slack, you can simply type:

/inout in

…and we’ll check you in with Simple In/Out.

/inout out

…checks you out with Simple In/Out. It’s that easy! We even support optional comments for the valuable additional context, like:

/inout in at the office

We’re thrilled to have this communication between Simple In/Out and Slack for all our Slack users. If you have ideas for more commands you’d like us to implement, don’t hesitate to fire us an email.