Simple In/Out Year in Review 2019

2019 was a milestone year for Simply Made Apps. 2020 will be the tenth year we’ve been building Simple In/Out. We’re thrilled to have a product that’s loved by thousands of organizations around the globe.

2019 was a year of fundamental changes. We examined our core offerings and asked ourselves a simple question: how can we improve what put Simple In/Out on the map in 2011? With those answers and customer requests guiding our roadmap, we went to work. The results were solid software and new features for our users everywhere.

Here are just a few of the big things we delivered in 2019.


New Geofence, Beacon, and Network features

We went back to the drawing board and completely rewrote our most popular feature: automatic updates from phones. Not only did we make automatic updates more reliable, but we added much-requested new features like easier management, more control over comments, and enhanced intelligence about when updates should be performed.

Simple In/Out Public Beta Program

Ok, this one is feature-related. We launched our Public Betas for Android and iOS users that wished to help test and shape new features. The results were amazing. We’ll be doing more Public Betas this year. Stay tuned!

Everybody Out became Status Resets

We had a feature called Everybody Out and it did exactly what it sounds like: checked all your users out. We replaced this with Status Resets which can reset select users, set statuses to in or out, and offer much more flexibility.

Automatic vs Manual Status Updates

We now display whether a status update was made automatically (think Geofence) or manually. This information is visible in several reports, allowing administrators to have a more informed view of how the in/out is updated throughout the day.

Contact Export Report

We created a new report to export user information, expanding the ways companies can integrate Simple In/Out.


It is also worth noting a few non-feature things that happened in 2019.

Scheduled Webinars

Before last year, we conducted webinars every Wednesday morning to demonstrate new features and answer questions. Wednesdays didn’t work for everyone, so we now conduct webinars by appointment.

We Hired Another Web Developer

While we like our small team (and plan to keep it that way), we were thrilled to add another web developer. We quickly put Kenny to work shipping new features.


Simple In/Out and our amazing company wouldn’t be possible without our incredible customers. You’re all the best around, and we can’t wait to wow you with the new projects we have coming in 2020.