Simple In/Out Reports - Export Contact Details

Simple In/Out is a hub for storing your users and their current statuses. Simple In/Out also works well as a portable company directory. Whether you click on a user on your computer or tap on a user via your tablet or phone, we provide contact information like email addresses and phone numbers along with one-click options to start a new email or dial your phone.

Occasionally analog methods are still necessary. Perhaps you need a phone sheet to hand to someone making calls. Maybe an email list is needed for someone that doesn’t have access to your Simple In/Out board. If you’re really generous, you may be putting together a Christmas list and would like all your co-workers in a spreadsheet.

For times like these, you can always print the Simple In/Out board. Today, we’re taking it a step further with our new Contacts report. The Contacts report exports your users and their contact information into a CSV file for use in your favorite spreadsheet application (like Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, AirTable, etc). You can then manipulate the data however you wish. Add/delete columns, move things around, distribute electronically, or send the file to your printer.

We’ve built this report similar to our Print/PDF and Export reports. We provide a way to filter your users so you cam export only a group or certain users. We are also respectful of your role. You must have permission to run reports on others to export the contact information of other users. If you’re an administrator and your organization utilizes TimeClock, you’ll also have QR Codes for your badges in the export file.

We hope this makes life easier for those customers that need a quick contact sheet.