Simple In/Out Status Resets - Everybody Out 2.0

With Simple In/Out’s automatic updates, Quick Picks, and our easy to use interfaces, it’s never been easier to have an accurate in/out board available everywhere. Even with your best efforts, sometimes the in/out board can become stale. Perhaps your users have forgotten to perform updates. Maybe a user is utilizing automatic status updates, but their phone battery was dead. Occassionally the internet is unreachable. When users are never around overnight, you may wish to reset your board to start fresh every morning.

We’ve had a feature called Everybody Out for years that has done just that: reset your users OUT every evening. While this worked great, we’ve fielded requests over the years for more options. Today, we’re announcing we’ve completely rewritten Everybody Out, which we’ve renamed Status Resets. With Status Resets, you have all the features of Everybody Out and much more.

For starters, you can update everyone that remained IN to OUT every evening just as before. By default, that’s what a new Status Reset will do. For existing Everbody Out users, you’ll have a Status Reset that works the same as it did yesterday. No intervention is necessary.

We started by adding more advanced scheduling options. Everybody Out only allowed scheduling at the top of the hour every day. Status Resets allow scheduling at 5-minute increments, providing 100 times more possibilities for scheduling. Status Resets can also be executed on specific days of the week. It’s now possible to set up multiple Status Resets to craft a perfect resetting strategy for your organization.

Status Resets can also be established for subsets of your users with Groups. Resetting your board no longer has to apply to everybody.

Finally, you can reset everyone that is OUT to IN. While this is an advanced feature, there are use cases that this fulfills.

We hope that Status Resets provide extra power for our power users while maintaining the simple “reset my board every night” vision we initially had for Everybody Out.