Archiving Users Arrives for Simple In/Out

Hot on the heals of our revamped reports within Simple In/Out, today we’re taking the wraps off of another big feature: Archiving Users.

Archiving users allows administrators to both remove users from their board and prevent those users from accessing Simple In/Out, all while preserving their history. Admins can continue to run reports on these users forever. Archived users count towards the plan’s user limit.

Coupled with our new reports and exports, archiving users allows Simple In/Out to act as your one-true-source of user in/out activity for the long term regardless of user turnover. Gone are the days when admins would be forced to print off multiple reports in order to delete a user permanently while maintaining some kind of record of their activity.

If the user comes back, we allow archived users to be unarchived. The returning user chooses a new password and instantly resumes their place on the Simple In/Out board.

This was a big feature request across many of our oldest customers and we’re happy to deliver. We have a few more big features in store before the end of the year and we can’t wait to share them with all our customers.