Introducing Invites for Simple In/Out

Adding users to your Simple In/Out organization is often the first task you must undertake as an administrator. Some time back, we added the ability to add multiple users at once to speed this process along. That feature works great today, but it still means as an administrator that you need to gather a list of all the email addresses of your users. This is easier than adding all the information yourself, but we can do better.

Simple In/Out now has Invites, an easy way to allow your users to sign themselves up to your Simple In/Out board. Using Invites, an administrator can create a URL that others can use to join their organization. Admins can choose how long this URL is valid (an hour, day, or week) and distribute the URL however they like. Email, Slack, internal wiki… however one communicates with their team.

Once users click on the Invite link sent to them, they are taken to a page to type their name, details, and choose their own password. Afterwards they will be signed in, they appear on the company board, and they can use their account to access any and all apps in the Simple In/Out ecosystem.

We think Invites will make lives easier for a lot of our customers when they are getting started.