Reminder and Safety Notifications for Simple In/Out

Today we’re announcing not one, not two, but three great new features for Simple In/Out.

Reminder Notifications

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on making Simple In/Out the most accurate in/out board ever. Even with automatic status updates, you may still encounter times when a user’s status is out of date. In these cases, having the user make a quick update would be best, and today we’re shipping a much-requested feature to help: Reminders.

With Reminders, Simple In/Out can send a notification to the user’s phone or computer reminding them to update their status.  The organization’s admin users can create reminders, choose the status and time they wish to reminder users, and we’ll do the rest.  Simple In/Out will only send reminder notifications to the users that need reminding.

This is a simple and effective way to nudge your users to keep the Simple In/Out board up to date.

Safety Notifications

For managers, sometimes you need to know at certain time periods if all your users have checked in or out. Have users going out into the field and need to make sure they’ve checked in at the end of the day?  Need to be sure users have checked out at the end of a shift? Want to be aware of who is in late at your office? For these use cases and more, we’re announcing Safety Notifications.

Safety Notifications allow those with sufficient privileges to choose the status and users they’d like to know about and when they’d like to be notified. Simple In/Out will send a notification to a phone or computer if those users are still in or out. Quickly tap/click the notification to see a list of all the users that are still in or out after that time.

Safety Notifications are not a replacement for emergency services and shouldn’t be used in life and death situations, but it’s a solid step towards keeping users informed of potential problems with their staff without having to remember to look at the in/out board.

Website Changes

We’ve made some website changes to accompany these new features. We’ve added pages to highlight many of the best features we offer in Simple In/Out.  These pages address specific use cases better than ever before. We’ve also moved many of our tutorial videos to these pages to make them more visible.

We now also support Spanish on every page within Simple In/Out. While we’ve support Spanish users once they had logged into Simple In/Out, we now cover all the pages so our Spanish users don’t have to speak some English to get logged in.

We know our users will put these great new features to work for their organizations right away.