Take Control of Simple In/Out’s Automatic Features with Office Hours

Simple In/Out’s goal from the very beginning has been to be both accurate and easy, two things that are difficult to achieve at the same time.  To accomplish this, Simple In/Out has been the champion of automatic features to both keep your status up-to-date as well as keep you notified about the happenings within your organization.  These automatic features are what make Simple In/Out the best in/out board in the world.

While these automatic features are wonderful, there are times they can be a bit overwhelming.  Perhaps your work place is in a popular area of town and you end up automatically checking in/out on the weekends while you are running errands.  Maybe you have notifications sent to your phone when others change their status and they are working late in the evening.  During these times, you may want Simple In/Out to halt for a bit and pick up later when you’re actually going to work.

Office HoursWe’re proud to announce a new feature we’ve been working on for the past few months to address these scenarios and more.  We’re calling this new feature Office Hours, and it has turned out really great.

With Office Hours, you can designate windows of time that you wish Simple In/Out to perform its automatic tasks.  When you’re not within those time periods Simple In/Out will stop doing things like sending you notifications and checking you in/out.  When you enter back into a normally-scheduled work time, Simple In/Out will resume its normal behavior.  Office Hours allows unprecedented control over our most popular features.

Want to make sure you’re not checking into job sites on your off day?  No problem.

Want to stop getting notifications from other users when you’re unwinding at the end of the day?  No problem.

Want to surf the web on your work laptop without checking in on a Saturday morning?  No problem.

We know our power users will love Office Hours.  This is only the beginning of what we’re planning for Simple In/Out this winter.  We can’t wait to show you the rest of the amazing new features we’re working on.