Simple In/Out Year in Review 2016

Now that we’ve entered 2017, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the year gone by.  2016 was an exciting year for our company and for Simple In/Out.  We grew our family of customers, our family of products, and our family of employees.  Thank you to all those customers that use Simple In/Out.  You all inspire us every day to come to work and make Simple In/Out better and better.

Here are just a few of the many features we delivered in 2016.

Users belonging to multiple groups and having multiple phone numbers

This seems like such a trivial thing, but it really opened the door to a bunch of exciting new ways to organize your users.  With multiple phone numbers, we’re an even better employee directory than ever.

A new API

APIv3 allows third parties to update data for the first time, enabling countless possibilities to customize Simple In/Out.

Automatic updates from your phone’s Wifi connection

Although only available for Android and Windows Phone users, automatic updates based on the internet hardware you already have in your offie is a real win for check in/out accuracy.  Hey Apple:  could you please add this capability to iOS so we can do this for everyone?

Linked Companies

For a whole new class of customers, Linked Companies offers the strict separation to manage multiple companies under one user account.

The Simple In/Out Partner Program

For resellers, we offer a great program to share Simple In/Out and our host of solutions with your customers.

Simple In/Out for Mac

We launched an entirely new application to the Simple In/Out family for our Mac users.

Automatic Updates from your desktop

Now that we have desktop apps for both Windows and Mac, we launched another exciting way to have Simple In/Out update your status automatically.  We now can use your computer activity to determine if you are In or Out, which for users on their computer all the time is a real time saver.

Schedule future statuses

A big request over the years was to be able to set a status that would automatically take effect when the time comes.  We delivered on this in 2016.

Notifications for Windows Desktop and Windows Phone

For our Windows users, we now deliver notifications when other users you are following update their statuses.  This has long been a feature of our other phone apps and now Windows receives the same love.

Spanish support

We translated our Simple In/Out apps and the logged-in website to our first foreign language.  This is no small feat and for our Spanish users it’s like having a new solution entirely. We hope to make more gains in internationalization during the new year.

Simple In/Out TV for Amazon Fire TV

Simple In/Out TV can now be downloaded for free on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which at $39.99 is the more inexpensive way to show your users on a big screen in a common area.

New reports

We shipped a couple of new reports this year.  We also focused on improvements to our date and languages to make them even better for our overseas customers.



It is also worth noting a few non-feature things that happened in 2016.

Started Wednesday Webinars

We now have a webinar every single week for users to see new features, ask us questions, and provide us feedback.  In its first year, it has been a resounding success.

Moved to a new office

In September we moved to our new office, still in the heart of downtown Fargo North Dakota.

Hired a web developer

For the first time in Simply Made Apps history, we hired another web developer.  It’s hard to imagine what life was like with only one, and the pace of fantastic updates will be noticeable in 2017.


It was a busy year, and 2017 promises to be an even busier one.  We can’t wait to share the great things we’re working to bring to our customers.