DDoS Attack and Simple In/Out

Today is a dark day for internet here in the U.S., as there has been a massive internet DDoS attack underway most of the day.  Simple In/Out was affected this morning in some areas, but this afternoon the second attack seems to have hit us much harder.  This has affected many of the big sites on the internet today, like Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Github, etc.

In terms a non-geek can understand, Simple In/Out’s servers are still working great, but your phone/computer’s ability to connect with our servers may be not working.

We apologize for the intermittent problems connecting to Simple In/Out, and we hope that the DNS community can squash this soon.  We also hope that these culprits are found and prosecuted swiftly.

In the meantime, if you need access to Simple In/Out, this article lists a way at the bottom you can change your device’s DNS settings to another provider that we’ve had some luck with here at our offices.