Take Off Election Day

Election Day is coming here in the U.S. and with that comes the recurring discussion about voting rights.  This isn’t a political post as we don’t take a political position as an organization. However, voting is hard for some and that is something we as a company can do something about.

According to Pew Research, the turnout in the last presidential election was a dismal 53.6%.  There are lots of reasons for this, but one reason is that many workers don’t have the time to get to the polls.  This is why many countries hold election day on either a weekend or make the day a national holiday, something we should absolutely do in the U.S.

Until this happens, we at Simply Made Apps are joining a number of organizations across the country that are giving our employees Election Day off as an official company vacation day.  Don’t report in, not at all, and bolt the office doors for the day (we still do email support, that’s how we operate).  This allows folks to vote without the worry of getting back to the office.  After voting, take the rest of the day to enjoy yourself.  Civic duty should be celebrated.

We think elections are important: they are a civic duty and a moral imperative.  Regardless of political leanings I think we can all agree, voting should be easy.  Democracy depends upon it.

We strongly encourage others here in Fargo and beyond to join this movement. Please support #TakeOffElectionDay. Here is a website listing many companies that have taken this pledge.