Software Beacons Arrive for FrontDesk on Android

Since the beginning of FrontDesk, we’ve always supported software Beacons within our iOS app.  Apple calls these iBeacons, and they allow your users to automatically check in or out just by carrying their phone within range of the tablet.  Beacons work great for areas where Geofences aren’t accurate enough or small areas where Geofences are overkill.  We sell preconfigured hardware Beacons right on our Simple In/Out Store, but for users with tablets running FrontDesk already, this is a great solution.

Now we’ve brought that same love to the Android version of FrontDesk.  Just like the iOS version, FrontDesk for Android can now act like a Beacon for your users if enabled.  This requires Android hardware running Android 5.0 or greater and the hardware must have a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) chipset that is enabled by the device manufacturer.

If you’re using FrontDesk for Android, we encourage you to upgrade and give this a try.

Also, here’s a quick update on what’s coming soon to Simple In/Out.  We have 2 major projects that are nearing completion this month:  Project Erin Hills and Project Firestone.  We’re not ready to release details quite yet, but both are new features that have had lots of requests over the years.  In fact, Project Firestone is the most requested feature we’ve had in Simple In/Out history.  Stay tuned!