Simple In/Out Desktop Apps and Automatic Updates via Presence Monitoring

Simple In/Out learns a new trick, Desktop Presence Monitoring. This is a great new feature for our line of desktop apps that automatically updates your status when your presence changes on your computer. Now you can rely on your computer to change your status as you come and go. This new feature is right at home with our existing automatic update features: Geofences, Beacons, and Networks on supported devices.

Simple In/Out for Mac

The Simple In/Out family just got a little bigger today. We are happy to announce Simple In/Out for Mac, available today. Simple In/Out for Mac joins our current desktop offering for Windows with many of the same great features. You can update your own status from your Recents or Company Favorites as well as creating your own status comments. The board is available in whatever size you need and even works great in full-screen mode. Users profiles can be viewed to see their information as well as past status updates.

We know our users are going to love the new app that is right at home on the Mac. It was written completely in Swift and is available for the latest version of Mac OS X, El Capitan. As with all of our apps, it is free to use with your Simple In/Out subscription. Download the app and try it today.

Simple In/Out for Windows

Simple In/Out for Windows is getting some great new features today as well. In addition to the new Automatic Updating feature, we added a few nice-to-haves including a customizable board refresh interval, the ability to start a new Simple In/Out trial, and control over sound effects. We also did some housekeeping and fixed a few minor issues.