Simple In/Out: Multiple Groups, Phones, and More

Happy New Year from everyone at Simply Made Apps!  We’re going to start 2016 with a new release of Simple In/Out.  Simple In/Out 8.1 brings a couple of big new features we’ve been working on for a while.  Why a while, you may ask?  All these new features needed our brand new API, APIv3, which we use internally as well as offer to the public.

Users can now belong to multiple groups.  This was a big request from many of our large organizations.  This permits slicing and dicing your organization in many different ways at the same time.  Many of our customers use groups for departments, but also for physical locations/branches, special report groups, or board sorting preferences.  Now you can have any/all of these options and more without having to choose just one.  Check out our help video to see the new multiple group editor in action.

Users can have multiple phone numbers.  For our customers using Simple In/Out as a directory, this is awesome.  No more having to sort through your contacts app on your phone when you need a user’s home number because it’s not listed inside Simple In/Out.

Additional user details.  We’ve added a Details field to users as well for extra information.  This can include anything, from job titles, shift information, etc.  For a few of our customers, this additional information is vital to running their business.

Users can upload profile photos right from the apps.  While we added profile photo uploading to a while ago, we only announced our intention to add this to our phone apps.  Consider that promise kept with this new release.

We’ve also added some improvements for the latest mobile operating systems.  We’ve added support for Force Touch in iOS 9 that came with the iPhone 6s.  We’ve also added support for the new permissions model in Android Marshmallow, so Simple In/Out will only ask for some permissions when you use them, versus the old way of asking for everything we may need when downloading our app from the Play Store.

This is only the beginning, we have a lot in store for the first few months of 2016.  Stay tuned!