Simple In/Out 8: New Look and New Features

Simple In/Out 8

Today, we here at Simply Made Apps are proud to announce the next big upgrade to Simple In/Out.  Simple In/Out, now at version 8, brings a brand new look and a few new features we’re sure will make our users quite happy.  This new upgrade affects all our apps, across all our supported platforms.

A New Look

The first thing to notice is Simple In/Out’s new look.  We’ve strived to simplify Simple In/Out even further by creating a more compact look.  We’ve increased the size of the user’s profile image to make profiles and the board more recognizable.  We’re also introducing a new “in” indicator, a solid blue bar.  This has the benefit of looking nice, improving board readability, and improving our accessibility for our color blind users.  When a user is in, the blue bar appears.  When a user is now out, the blue bar vanishes.  We also fade out the row to convey this further, something we had already been doing in Simple In/Out TV.

Company Quick Picks

A popular request, we’ve added support for company-wide Quick Picks.  Similar to a user’s Quick Picks, company Quick Pick are 10 configurable Quick Picks that are shared and accessible by everyone within the organization.  Once added by an admin user, these company Quick Picks appear for users on the website, the phone apps, the Windows app, and within FrontDesk.  These are useful for common actions like “At Lunch”, but can also be used in conjunction with Simple In/Out’s reports to generate accurate numbers of hours worked on a particular project (for example, “Working on Project X”).

TimeClock Badges within Phone Apps

For our customers using TimeClock for time keeping, Simple In/Out 8 adds the badges for your users right inside our apps for iOS and Android.  Now those users can scan their device and avoid carrying their badges if they wish.

Default In/Out Messages for FrontDesk & TimeClock

FrontDesk and TimeClock admins can now establish default in and out messages that apply to swipes (FrontDesk) or badge scans (TimeClock).  If you have more than one device running these apps, this is a great way to tell which station the user was at when they changed their status.

Improved Help

We’re working hard to improve our help and starting with Simple In/Out 8 we’re including an improved version of our FAQ within our phone apps.  For the first time, we are also including the Help Center right on our website.  This will get better and better over time as we continually add and update our help.  We also plan to add more resources like PDFs and video in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

Geofences with In or Out Updates Only

Geofences can now be created by admin users to only trigger entry or exit status updates.  This has relatively limited use cases, but are important for several of our customers.  This works great for situations where you’d like to mix some automatic updates with some manual ones.  This also works well in concert with our Beacons.



We hope everyone likes these new additions to Simple In/Out!