TimeClock Ships for Android 4

In the middle of April, we shipped TimeClock for iOS.  The response has been amazing.  For companies, this offers the hope of a time clock system that isn’t restricted to paper punch cards.  Based on our Simple In/Out ecosystem of apps and the website, managers now have tools like our Push Notifications, reports, and more to have visibility into their work force.  Companies can manage their on-site staff in this very traditional way while simultaneously using Simple In/Out to handle other users the way we always have, with remote check in/outs, Geofences, Beacons, and more.  The sky is really the limit.

Today, we’re proud to announce TimeClock’s arrival on the Android platform.  Now, TimeClock is available for the vast majority of devices on the market today.

We’re supporting Android 4.x only.  We’re not currently supporting Android 5, as we discovered a horrible bug with its camera API (we’re hoping for a fix, but we didn’t wish to delay until one arrives).