New Permissions Arrive to Simple In/Out

Unknown to most, this weekend was a big weekend for Simple In/Out.  We shipped some big structural changes, including brand new per-user permissions.  This is a solution to a lot of requests we’ve had over the years, as well as some new things we wish to do with Project Augusta.

The most often cited use case for these permissions is the dead-beat employee.  Many organizations love Simple In/Out, but they worry about the one user that spoils it for the rest by not being honest with their updates.  Traditionally, we’ve always advocated for hiring only honest employees.  However, there are certain industries where this is more difficult.

Starting today, an individual can be set to no longer have access to update their own status.  If this happens, they can still log into the apps and the website, but the can no longer use Geofences, Beacons, or Quick Picks/Custom Status Updates.  Instead, the user can only change their status via an admin-logged-into tablet device running FrontDesk, or have a user with the ability to change other people’s statuses do it for them.  This change will allow organizations to restrict their staff to only interacting with the FrontDesk app at the office, while still allowing them to access the rest of what Simple In/Out offers.

Another use case is having a user with the ability to update other users’ statuses without having to be an admin.  For many of our customers, this is a receptionist or manager who can update folks that may not have updated themselves.  In the past, that user also had permission to add/edit/delete users, Geofences, billing information and more.  Now, this can be managed much easier.

This is just the beginning of what will be a very busy Spring for Simple In/Out.  We have a lot of great new things coming soon.