Simple In/Out for Android Public Beta

At long last, it’s finally arrived.  Today, we’re super excited to announce beta testing for our brand new Simple In/Out Android app!

What’s this new Android app all about?  Simple In/Out has been available for Android since the beginning (in fact, we had our Android app out before the iPhone app hit the store).  We have two apps in the store, one targeted at old Android 2.x phones and one meant for Android 4 and up.  But, over the last year our Android apps really began to show their age.  The interfaces were dated, the GeoFence implementations are not up to our standards and the battery life on old handsets is an issue.

We’ve had many discussions both internally and with our customers to determine how best to offer an optimal experience to Android users.  We tried patching some bugs, redesigning some interfaces, reworking GeoFences; but at the end of the day we still weren’t satisfied.  We debated further and we knew exactly what we had to do.  We had danced around the idea but now it was clear as day.  We needed to start over.

So, today’s Android public beta app isn’t just improved, it’s an entirely new application.  We rewrote everything from the ground up, focusing on the latest and greatest. This allowed us to use some really great new tools Google has made available, including the latest interface standards Android has to offer.  This means both battery life and GeoFence accuracy should be significantly improved.  The interface should look right at home on your latest Android phone.  Best of all, we now have a solid base to rapidly iterate on, allow us to bring even more of our industry-first in/out board features from iPhone to our eager Android customers.

The Android Public beta doesn’t yet have all our features, but the major ones are all present and accounted for.  We’ll be taking feedback and adding features over the next several weeks on our way to a final release.

If you’d like to participate and get the latest Android app, simply send us an email and we’ll get you the app.  We’ll take as many folks as we can.

PS: Thanks to all our Android customers who have waited patiently for today.  Your trust is invaluable to us, we hope you really like what we’ve been working on.