Edit Past Statuses in Simple In/Out

Coming hot on the heels of our big 6.0 release that included Push Notifications, I’m excited to announce that we’ve just shipped another major feature enhancement for Simple In/Out.  Starting today, you can edit previous statuses.

Editing previous statuses has been a request we’ve heard from several of our customers.  While Simple In/Out is primarily used to let you know where your people are right now, we’ve had reports for years that allow you to see where your people were.  While this is useful to answer questions like “where was Johnny last Tuesday afternoon?”, several of our customers would like to use those reports for payroll purposes.  The only thing stopping these users has been being unable to go back and make changes when someone forgets to check in/out.

Now, you can make changes to the past with only a few clicks.  From the 7 Day History or our reports like the Daily Timeline or the Time Card report, you can click to edit a user’s past statuses.  You can insert new statuses to make up for the user missing a check in/out.  You can also delete errant statuses that shouldn’t have been made.

One of the biggest challenges in allowing admins to delete statuses is historical accuracy.  Once you’ve deleted a status, how do others know that something sinister didn’t occur?  To aid this, we’ve created a brand new report, the Deleted Statuses report, which is available to all admin users.  This report keeps track of all the deleted statuses, showing what was deleted, when it was deleted and which admin did the deleting.  This way, if a user complains that their data has been tampered with, it’s now easy to find out what happened and who may be responsible.

We hope our users who wanted more control will really enjoy this.  Simple In/Out is now ready for your payroll needs.