A New Look for Simple In/Out (and GeoFence Updates Too)

To kick off this weekend, we’ve shipped a new look for Simple In/Out.  You’ll find the website is a little brighter, a lot cleaner and contains a lot more details on our main pages.  We’re highlighting more features for our phone apps, iPad and Windows 8.  We hope you find the changes easy on the eyes.

Also, we’ve updated the GeoFence page on the website with three important improvements we’ve had requests for.  First, it’s responsive and provides a bigger map for bigger screens.  Second, we now support editing your GeoFences on the iPad web browser (including pinch zooming and dragging pins).  Finally, we’ve added an address lookup to make it easier to find locations.

We’re excited about these changes, but the best is coming soon.  6.0 is right around the corner.