Everybody Out

It’s been a while since we’ve posted to the blog but rest assured that we are not dead.  We’ve been working feverishly on some new projects, one of which will see the light of day soon (and has been a big feature request).

Right now, we have just shipped a new feature that has the potential to make life better for a bunch of admin users.  It’s call Everybody Out, and it’s just that:   a simple way to change all the users in your company that are “in” to “out”.

Sounds easy, right?  We have some customers who would like to start fresh every so often, and this makes it super easy.  Simply navigate to your Settings, then Everybody Out (listed on the left).  Once there, you have two options:  Do It Now or Do It Everyday.

Do It Now allows you to move everyone to “out” immediately, with an optional comment.

Do It Everyday allows you to schedule this to happen once per day.  You can choose a time period (say, 1am – 2am), and within that time range Simple In/Out will move all your users “out” with a message that states “Automated Out”.  It’s a simple way to start fresh every morning.

We hope this makes life a little easier for some of our customers.