Simple In/Out Welcomes iOS 7

iOS 7 has finally landed and users around the world are downloading, upgrading, or buying brand new phones with iOS 7 installed. For those of you that have already upgraded or had a chance to use it already, you have probably noticed that this isn’t your normal iOS. iOS 7 is a huge shift compared to previous versions. As Apple stated during the WWDC Keynote and iOS 7 unveiling, the OS has “deference” and “clarity” in respect to the users content. Or in layman’s terms, get out of the way and give me what I want.

We have been working hard here at Simply Made Apps to make sure all of our apps (Simple In/Out and FrontDesk) were ready for iOS 7. We have updated Simple In/Out to 5.0 and FrontDesk to 2.0. Both apps are taking advantage of some of the visual aspects of iOS 7 as well as some new iOS 7 only features. We are very pleased to announce iBeacons for Simple In/Out and FrontDesk.

iBeacons are a new iOS 7 only feature. Think Bluetooth Geofences. You can use FrontDesk to create an iBeacon. The app (and device) act as the central point for a Bluetooth Geofence. The app is constantly broadcasting a signal that the iPhone app can listen for. All iOS 7 users of the iPhone app can enable these iBeacons and can be checked in or out when they get close enough to the Beacon. This really has a benefit for users that want to have several beacons in close proximity to one another (like a college campus, or office park). iBeacons are much smaller than normal Geofences. They are limited by the range of the Bluetooth chips broadcasting range. Indoors, you can expect about 30-50ft without any obstructions and 10-20ft with walls in the way. 

While this is pretty new technology, it is built on existing technology that has been around for years. Bluetooth works great on battery life. We know that once users start using iBeacons, they’ll find some great ways to use them. Give em a shot and let us know what you think. We are looking forward to continuing improving and expanding iBeacons. There is so much potential, we can’t wait.

We’ve also done a lot under the hood for both apps. We think both apps are in great shape for the future. So make sure you update today and let us know what you think. We are always open to suggestions, so don’t be bashful. Shoot us an email and let us know what you want.