Place Simple In/Out on the Big Screen

One of the strengths of Simple In/Out is the ability to have a list of everyone in your organization, with their current statuses, right in the palm of your hand.  While that’s great, there are those times where you need that same list in a place for the world to see.  Whether that’s in your reception area, your war room or your television at home, Simple In/Out has you covered.  Here are a couple of different ways to get Simple In/Out displaying in eye-catching ways.

If you have an iPad, you have lots of choices for displaying Simple In/Out.  We recently released FrontDesk, an iPad app specifically designed for Simple In/Out to allow for users to quickly check in or out.  This is perfect for reception areas or mirrored to a TV via an AppleTV.  

Recently, we did an integration with Panic’s StatusBoard.  This app is built exclusively for the iPad and allows users to build sexy widgets for display on TVs and the like.  Simple In/Out is a first-class citizen, making it as easy as a tap or two to get started.  Check out the blog post for how.

If you don’t have an iPad, you can use our website.  We offer a great full screen mode built right into  Using this, you can place Simple In/Out on a spare computer or a computer/iPad hooked right up to a TV.  You can even bypass the computer altogether by following this advice from the great folks over at Atlassian.  They recommend using just a hacked AppleTV, which will run you just a bit over $100.

We hope to see your Simple In/Out boards while we’re out and about.  Send us pictures of your board in the wild, we’d love to see them (brandon [at] simplymadeapps [dot] com)