iOS Update to 4.2 Available Today

A big update is now available to our iOS users today. The biggest change in this update is that we are dropping support for iOS 5. iOS 7 will be available to almost every device made in the last 3 years, it has come time to drop support for the very oldest devices. We have been running analytics on the number of devices in use, and should only be about 2% of our existing user base. Fear not existing iOS 5 users, your existing app should continue to work fine for now, but future updates may require you to update to keep receiving the best Simple In/Out support.

Ok, now that we’ve dispensed with those unpleasantries, on to the good stuff. We did manage to squeeze in a few goodies into this update. We had to drop support for iOS 5, but we have some great new features in store for this fall. So stay tuned.

Here are some of the changes with our latest update:

– Timezone support. We have revamped the entire app to show all dates relative to when they actually are. So if you have users in Los Angeles, the users in New York will see the timestamps relative to their own timezone rather than being locked in to just the server timezone.

– Cleaned up the pull-to-refresh controller to the built in system refresh controller.

– New font

– Resized the board view, this should make it a bit easier to see and read.

– Removed old backgrounds and pattern images. Cleaner view and background all around.

– Big update to the Geofence Settings page. Should be much easier to see which fences are on or off without having to open the detail page for each fence.

– Lots of bug fixes

We hope you enjoy this update. We’ve put a lot of hard work into this update. We are sorry if any iOS 5 users feel left out, but it was a necessary evil to get things prepared for iOS 7 this fall. We expect some more big changes, this is just the start. Thanks for understanding and continuing to support us as we make Simple In/Out even better.

**UPDATE** We have shipped a quick update to the App Store for this version. There is a bug that can cause a crash if you try adding too many geofences. It shouldn’t affect many users, but we have submitted the fix to the App Store and should be available in a few days.