Simple In/Out Integrates with Panic’s Status Board

Every once and a while, we get to do something small and wonderful that really has an impact for some of our customers.  Today was one of those days.  I’m proud to introduce Simple In/Out’s support for Panic’s Status Board.

Status Board is a wonderful product from the folks at Panic.  It’s an iPad app meant to display vital business information on your iPad, TV, you name it.  The app is seductively simple yet powerful, exactly what we at Simply Made Apps like to strive for. In fact, Panic has been an inspiration to me personally for some time.  Not a day goes by when I’m not using their wonderful Transmit app for the Mac for all my SFTP needs.  

To use Simple In/Out on your Status Board, we’ve created a new link right inline with our other Public Links.  If you’re on your iPad and have Status Board installed, you can simply tap this link (located under Settings -> Company Settings), and it will instantly launch Status Board and add it automatically.

Between Full Screen Mode, our new Windows 8 app and now Status Board integration, we have a lot of great options for seeing your Simple In/Out data on a display near you.  We have one more surprise up our sleeves very soon that will add even more to our Simple In/Out family.