New feature available to Simple In/Out – Hide History

We have had several requests over the last few months to restrict some of the information available to users, namely the 7-day history. While there isn’t a ton of private information within Simple In/Out, we can understand why some users would want this information private. So we are happy to announce today that we have added a setting to restrict the visibility of the 7-day history. Of course this can only be changed by admin users, but the history can be changed to be visible to Everyone, Admins only, or no one. By default, the history setting is set to Everyone, but you are free to set it to a level appropriate for your users. You can find the new change today under Settings—>Company Settings—>History Visible To. 

Thanks to everyone that requested this new feature. While it might not be needed for everyone, it is always nice to have the option if the need arises. We love hearing from our valued customers and users. You are what makes Simple In/Out great. So keep the suggestions coming.