Announcing Simple In/Out for Windows 8

Today, we’re excited to announce that Simple In/Out has arrived for Windows 8!

We’ve received lots of requests for this over the last year or so.  Some folks wanted a widget to avoid having to load the website.  Some were interested in making life easier for admin users and receptionists.  Some still were just looking for more cool stuff from us.  We think this release is a great opening salvo.

We’ve been working directly with Microsoft to get this into the Windows Store for the past few months (many don’t know that Microsoft has a large campus right here in Fargo).  They’ve been great.  A special mention to Sheila Wamre and Jed Bontjes for helping me with the final push.

For our 1.0 release, we kept things simple.  We support viewing the board, updating your status via manual and one click Quick Picks, and viewing other users.  Admins can update the statuses of their other users.  We support landscape, portrait and the convenient Snap View for those that would like the board open all day.  

Go check it out on the Windows Store.