Simple In/Out 3.1

Today, Simple In/Out 3.1 has shipped on the web, the iOS App Store and the Android Marketplace.

Simple In/Out 3.1 offers the ability for administrators to update other users’ statuses! We’ve had a ton of requests for this feature over the past few months and we’ve listened. Now, if you have an employee who calls in sick, forgets to sign out, or is just lazy, you can change their status with just a few clicks or taps.

To do this on the web, just make sure you’re an admin-level user. Simply click on someone else’s name on the status board. When you do this, you’ll receive a popup dialog that shows you their 7 days of status history. Below that is a button labeled “Change Status”. When clicked, you’ll receive the familiar In and Out interface with an optional comment box. Once you’ve changed someone’s status, you can see that an admin (you) made the change right on the main status board.

We offer this same functionality on our phone apps as well. Just tap on the user when looking at the board. From there, you can tap on the “action” button in the upper right and tap the “Change Status” option. Again, you’re presented with a familiar interface to change the users status.

The biggest problem we needed to solve with 3.1 was one of transparency. Since Simple In/Out relies on GeoFences to change statuses automatically, we needed to be real clear when your status was changed by a third party. So, if someone else changes your status, the admin’s name will appear next to the date it was changed. Transparency is a pillar of Simple In/Out, and this feature adds the power our user’s desire while maintaining the openness that makes Simple In/Out a great solution.

Thanks as always for the feedback everyone, we really appreciate it. Most of our favorite features come from user suggestions, so keep them coming.