Biggest little update for iOS

There is a new update that is shipping for all iOS users today. While the version number, 3.0.1, would indicate a minor update, there is a lot packed into it. Most of which is under the hood.

When we updated our security a few months back, we introduced a bug for some users that are using a password on the home screen. You login is saved in the Apple keychain for security, but our app wasn’t allowed to access to it from the background if you had a password set. This would result in the login credential or token error that a lot of you were seeing.

This security error has been resolved and now our app can safely access the keychain from the background during your geofence udpates. We also cleaned up the network calls to make them a little more efficient during the geofence updates.

This update fixes a couple issues we were having and makes our geofence feature even more stable and secure. It is by far our most popular feature and we want to make sure it stays that way. Thanks to everyone that emailed us and let us know about the problem. And an even bigger thank you to the few that helped us test the fix and put up with all of the build fixes.

** Note – If you were experiencing this issue, you will need to log out from settings after the update. This is the only way to update your login information in the keychain. After you log back in, you will need to turn on any geofences you may have had, the will not automatically turn on after a logout. Sorry for the inconvenience.