Happy Birthday Simple In/Out

Birthday Cake

It’s hard to believe that our scrappy little app is all grown up. It was around this time a year ago we were putting the finishing touches on the website and apps, and preparing to launch. There were a lot of revisions early on. From this, to this, then this, don’t forget this one, and finally this. Even our early iOS and Android apps were far from perfect. But we all kept plugging away, fixing issues, updating the look and feel of things, taking suggestions from users, and just trying to improve things even more. And here we are today, 1 year old.

We were going to take Simple In/Out to Chuck E Cheese, but we figured 3 grown men sitting around with laptops would probably not be a smart move. So we decided to do what we always do when we need to talk about work stuff… we head to the bar. Yes that’s right, the majority of this app we developed under the influence. How else can you explain this?

I don’t ever recall a year of my life that has ever had so much happen in it and have it go by so fast. While Simple In/Out may not be made of flesh and blood, it is our baby and it is a product of our blood, sweat, and tears. (Ok, maybe not tears, we are men after all. And probably not blood, this is just software development. And come to think of it, our office is air conditioned… you know what, you get the idea) We have been excited to work on this app for ourselves as much as for everyone that uses it. We have some ambitious plans in store for the next year and we hope the 2nd birthday is as exciting as the first.